Aluminum Wire Scrap 99.99% For Sale

We are specialized in Metal materials such as Aluminum Wire Scrap ,aluminium bar, aluminium ingots,aluminium ,tin ingots , copper bar and scarp aluminum , scrap copper,aluminum UBC scrap,aluminum wheel scrap,aluminum 6063 scrap, etc.(EL)

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Aluminum Wire Scrap Supplier. We are specialized in Metal materials such as aluminum engine scrap ,Aluminum Wire Scrap 99.99% For Sale  aluminum bar, also   ingots, tin ingots , copper bar and scarp aluminum , scrap copper, aluminum UBC scrap, aluminum wheel scrap, last but not least aluminum 6063 scrap, etc.(EL)

Material: Aluminum Wire Scrap 99.99% For Sale.
Cross Sectional Shape: Round.
Color: Silver White.
Surface Treatment: Oxidized.
Status: In Hard State.
Application: Construction Wire Mesh, Protecting Mesh, Fence Mesh, also Decorative Mesh, Screen, Gabion Mesh, Window Curtain, Barbecue Wire Mesh, and more so Filter and used to make other aluminum related products.
Wide in Width: 1.8M
Metal Wire Drawing: Hot Drawing
Thickness: Metal Fiber
Content: 99.7%
Transport Package: Compressed Into Rectangular Block 2.50kgs/Bags or as customer’s requirements.
Origin: Turkey

Aluminum wire Composition:

Item Quality standard
AL ≥ 99.99%
Si ≤ 0.25 %
Fe ≤ 0.40%
Cu ≤ 0.05%
Mn ≤ 0.05%
Mg ≤ 0.05%
Ti ≤ 0.03%
Zn ≤ 0.10%

Application Aluminum Wire Scrap

Aluminum alloy production, Steelmaking and requirements of the coating is not high.
Fireworks production:
1. Mainly used for melting ingot.
2. Discontinuous melting with scrap.
3. Easy control and operation.
4. Fast melting.
5. Energy saving This Scrap Aluminum is produced in the production of industrial waste.

We offer the clients with quality Aluminum Scrap, that is used in various industries for making new aluminum products.

Moreover our range of Aluminum Wire Scrap is free from unwanted content consequently  corrosion resistant in nature. Secondly it is highly demanded in the domestic market, likewise also in the  international market. In the same vein at Transrad Waste2ship we take care of your order from the first day of contact to delivering of your shipment. Therefor we accentuate on perfect customer services so as to bring full satisfaction to our growing customers both home and abroad. As we believe above all, customer welfare is the heart of a good business venture.
Packaging Detail:
1. Compressed into rectangular block.
2. 50kgs/bag, 1000kgs/bag.
3. 50kgs/bale, 50kgs/bundle.
4. 25mt/40’fcl.

Aluminum Wire Scrap 99.99% For Sale  Minimum Order: One 40ft Container.
We are ready to supply this scrap material.

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