HDPE Regrind Plastic Scrap

HDPE Plastic Scrap Regrind For Sale. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is also very common and used to make film containers, vitamin bottles, milk jugs, butter tubs and the majority of carrier bags used across the world.

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HDPE Regrind Plastic Scrap


Product Attributes

  • HDPE Plastic Scrap Regrind has a plastic recycling code of 2 and is often used in the manufacture of bottles – particularly for milk and fruit juice. It is also popularly used for pipes, cans, crates, wheelie bins and other plastic objects that may spend some time outside. It is a tough, hard-wearing plastic with high tensile strength that resists tearing or bursting – this is why you can even find HDPE used in wood-effect decking. Its crystalline structure means that “clear” products made from HDPE are transparent but hazy.Top Grade HDPE drums regrind/HDPE drums flakes/HDPE drum scrap.

    1.Hot water washed and no label, no any contaminant

    2.dry and clear flakes

    3.white,blue, red, yellow and so on

    4.from crates, drums, pallets


    Melt Flow Rate(g/10min) 0.1
    Density(g/cm3) 0.95
    Power Ash% 0.01
    Tensile Strength(MPa) 22
    Elongation At Break% 600
    Environmental stress-cracking 1500
    – Natural Regrind (clean and washed)/ HDPE Clear
    – HDPE Clear/Natural Scrap Baled
    – Baled (clean and washed)/ HDPE White Regrind
    – HDPE Milk Bottle Regrind
    – LDPE Film Baled 100, 98/2 and 95/2
    – LDPE Clear/Natural Regrind
    –  White Regrind LDPE

    HDPE drum scrap
    1 ISO,SGS test
    2 free sample
    3 manufacture
    4.factory price

    HDPE drum scrap
    1.Hot water washed and no label, no any contaminant

    2.dry and clear flakes

    3.white,blue, red, yellow and so on

    4.from drums

    3.HS CODE:3901902000

    We offer a full range of HDPE Plastic Scrap Regrind recycling, buying and selling options – whether you’re looking to form a complete closed loop plastic recycling solution for your business or generate value from your HDPE scrap.


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