OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC)

DS OCC or Double Sorted Corrugated


OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC)

OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC) Sorted to be free of boxboard, off-shore corrugated, plastic, and wax..

Trash/Prohibitive Materials : 0%
Outthrows plus prohibitive : not exceed 5%
Moisture content : not exceed 5%
Bales sizes in (cm) stands at 115(Width)/ Height(115) and Length( 200).
25 Bales per Container.

  •  Product Type: Waste Paper
  •  Type: OCC, ONP, OMG, YELLOW PAGES, A3, A4 Copy Paper
  •  Place of Origin: Belgium

The Materials we can supply:


Sorted Office Paper
Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories
Waste newsprint paper

Baled Old Corrugated Cardboard OCC

PS 12
Mixed Paper

We are sourcing and engaged in the distribution of premium quality products both home and abroad. We delight ourselves in Efficient, Reliable, and Prompt export and delivery services to all Buyers. Our greatest dream is to expand our market worldwide and because of that, we work day and night in order to provide our clients with the best which is our number one priority.

The OCC 12 waste paper specification is also often refer to as DSOCC 12 or Double Sorted Corrugated category. This specific classification consists of different types of double corrugated containers that are generated from the supermarkets as well as commercial and industrial facilities. These double corrugate container also have liners of jute, test liner and/or Kraft. Thera some few  differences between OCC 11 and OCC 12 grade waste paper materials. The materials are specially sorted in order to make sure that they are free of boxboard and off-shore corrugated materials, wax and plastic. In case of OCC grade 12 materials, the total out-throws do not exceed 2%.The prohibitive materials for this category do not exceed half of 1%.



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