PMMA Acrylic Scrap | Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

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PMMA Acrylic Scrap | Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

PMMA Acrylic Sheet Scrap for sale. / PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)
Thickness 5-18mm neatly packed in pallets, boxes or bags. Cast / Extruded mix. Extruded profiles / tubes. Machined parts. Cast / extruded mix.
PMMA 011- Transparent Natural PMMA sheet sized over 1000mm by 1000mm with thickness range from 3mm to 18mm with/without PE masking, natural colour. Neatly bagged, stacked boxed or baled. Cast Acrylic sheets and trimming scrap/offcuts, with/without pvc edge.

Compared with the material and color of other inferior products


Material100% virgin PMMA Acrylic Sheet Scrap
ColorTransparent or According to your request
Thickness3mm to 18mm, 2mm to 100mm
Diameter1000mm by 1000mm, 10mm to 1500mm
Temperature resistance (continuous)70℃
Temperature resistance (short time)90℃
Bending tensile stress125Mpa
PackingIndividual or bulk
Terms of paymentTT


The features of our acrylic:

  1. Excellent transparency, crystal clear after being polished, light transmittance up to 93.7% ;

2.highlighted and smooth surface without foreign matters;

3.good weathering resistance and temperature resistance without fading and dulling;

4.stable performance without odor after processing;

The value of our acrylic is reflected in

1.High hardness. It has the highest hardness index among the same products currently and its average Rockwell hardness is 101 (see “Chemical Test Report”);

2.Excellent thickness accuracy. The thickness tolerance is much higher than the national standard;

3.Few foreign matters. Special multi-layer filter unit and dust-free plant are used to eliminate the possible incorporation of impurities. PMMA Acrylic Sheet Scrap.

  1. Stable quality. The entire assembly line operates in the fully closed form meeting the pharmaceutical pure standard and at a constant temperature to ensure quality stability.

This is our factory normal size



PACKING AND SHIPPING. pc/ pmma acrylic sheet scrap packing: covered with craft paper or PET film on double sides, the covered film without any our company sign.

2.with pallet Bulk cargo packing: 2 tons per pallet, use wooden pallets and iron pallets on the bottom, with packaging film packages all around ensure transportation security.
3.Full container load packing: 20-23 tons(about 3000pcs) of a 20 foot container with 10 -12pallets



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