Aluminum Engine Block Scrap



We operate in the supply of Aluminum Ingot, Zinc Ingot, Copper Cathode, Copper Rod, Copper Wire, Aluminum scrap, Zinc Ingot, HMS 1 & 2 Scrap, AC/ Fridge Scrap, Engines Scrap, Battery Scrap, PVC Scrap, HDPE, LDPE and other Metal scrap from wide range extraction materials.

We are trading in the finest quality Metal Scrap/ Aluminum Scrap, which are recycled for producing pure copper products and equipment.

Products: Used Car Engine Block Scrap

Grade: AA
Material: Car Engine
Product Origin: Netherlands/ Romania

Al (min): 99%-99.97%
Alloy Or Not: Non-Alloy
Color: Black/ Silver metal
Secondary or not: Non-secondary

Quality: Engine is free from dirts, dusts, water, grease and oil.
Metal: Nonferrous Metal
Features: Free from Nuts, Steel plate, paints

Packaging: According to ISRI Specification in Containers
Certification: ISO 9000:2001, HACCP, SGS CERTIFICATION
Exporting Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia.

Our Company is a prestigious company with a good reputation to suite all customer`s across the world and we look forward to providing good quality products and we will offer at a very good scrap price as our prices are 100% NEGOTIABLE.


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