Spotlight on Copper

Copper is also often used inside of other equipment – like electric motors. The copper must at some point be removed from the device during the recycling process, and that makes it worth less. Also, since the copper is hidden away inside, many times items like motors are just chucked into the nearest garbage bin.

Spotlight on Copper

Copper shortages have set the price of copper oscillating wildly in recent years, with further shortages forecast by industry analysts for the near future. Because of this it is vital to recycle copper, but there are challenges.

Copper is the best non-precious conductor of electricity. As such it is widely used in industry, for electrical distribution, electric motors and servos, generators, conductors of all sorts – even the wiring in your house is made of copper.

Copper is also malleable, and relatively resistant to corrosion due to a protective layer of copper oxide that forms naturally, so it is used extensively in plumbing.

Create an effortless lighting statement with this Copper Pipe Spotlight. It can be used as either a flush mount light or spotlight as it gives a beam of adjustable directional light. It is practical and stylish and has an IP54 rating so is weather resistant. Add a touch of character to shops, restaurants, café interiors or homes.

Features include: 

  • Adjustable spotlight 
  • Takes a GU10 bulb 
  • Made from raw copper 
  • a patina that will age over time 
  • Weather resistant with an IP54 rating 

About the Copper Pipe Spotlight: 

  • This spotlight has an IP54 rating so is weather resistant and can be use for outdoor and indoor use.  
  • The copper shade tube is 55mm in diameter and 150mm long and gives a beam of directional light. So you can cast light where you want it to shine with adjustable halogen spotlight.  
  • The wall plate is 78mm in diameter and 40mm high. 
  • Made of raw material; copper, it will develop a natural patina over time. This is not consider a defect. 
  • The lampholder takes a 35W GU10 bulb. Bulb not include. 
  • 240V. 
  • This outdoor light is suitable for indoor use as well. 



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