Millberry Copper Wire Scrap 99.99% Wholesale


Millberry Copper Wire Scrap 99.99% Wholesale


Millberry Copper Wire Scrap 99.99% High Purity for sale. It is unalloyed, uncoated & untied copper wire & cable. This is also a type of unburnt copper wire.  Mllberry copper scrap is recycled to make it reusable for the production of electric wire, cables, converge-wire terminals, brushes, low-speed wire cutting machines, electrical products etc. 
Wire diameter: 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm
Weight: 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 15kg, 20kg
Purity:99.9% min

Name Copper wire scrap (Millberry) 99.9%
Item Standard (%) Results(%)
Purity ≥99.78   99.9
Carbon 0.03 0.03
Coblet <0.001 0.0009
Iron 0.005 0.005
Phosphorus <0.01 0.009
Sulphur <0.01   0.009
Zinc   0.003   0.003

Millberry Copper Wire Scrap  grade 1 copper scrap not mixed with specification C11000 Electrolytic tough pitch Berry Copper (ETP) Content 99.9%.
Cu%: 99.9%
Element…0.005… (%)
Copper..99.99… % (Min.)
Lead…0.005…. % (Max.)
Bismuth…0.5.. % (Max.)
Total impurities…0.3.. % (Max.)
Copper No. 2 kinds of alloy Wire cooper without lines, containing an impurity, contain Copper quantity for 96% (minimum content 94%).
Shall not contain excessive lead and tin change of copper wire, welding of copper, brass and bronze line, excessive oil, prohibition and nonmetal, crisp, burning line, utterly margin of fine copper and excessive sexual yarn. Need appropriate means to remove dirt. Birch
Shall consist of clean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed
copper wire and cable, not smaller than No. 16 B & S
wire gauge, free of burnt wire which is brittle
Pure copper scrap 99.99%

1.Copper wire scrap
2.Copper wire, tube, plate, etc
3.High quality:99%
Copper Scrap 99%
High-quality cable scrap with almost no impurities
Single Crystal Copper Wire
Millberry Cu 99.9%min
Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm
competitive price.
Copper Scrap 99.9%
Copper WIRE SCRAP, (Millberry) 99.99% at a purity of 99.98% min. 99.99% Max.
COPPER: 99.9%
CARBON: 0.03%
COBLET: <0.001
IRON: 0.005%
SULPHUR: <.01%
ZINC: 0.00


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