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Titanium Scrap (Ti) Titanium and its alloys have found a wide range of applications, including aerospace, biomedical and chemical industries because of the combination of high mechanical and corrosion resistance and low density. At the same time, quality of by-products, such as Ti chip obtained in machining method has also been increasing at a fast rate, but technologies for the recycling of these products is limited because of the activity at high temperature and cost of process.


Item nametitanium sheet plate
StandardASTM B265 ASTM F4911 ASTM F67 ASTM F136



(0.3 ~3.0) × (400 ~1000) × ≤ 3000

(0.1~0.3) × (100 ~500) ×L

(0.02~0.1) × (50~300) ×L

ApplicationAviation, Navigation, Petrochemical, Industrial, Equipment manufacturing, Medical, Automobile as well sports
Surface treatmentPolishing, anodizing, vacuum coating
ProcessingCNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machining center

1. Low Density and High Specification Strength
2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance
3. Good Resistance to Effect of Heat
4. Excellent Bearing to Cryogenics Property
5. Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic

Types / Grades

Different types / grades of titanium scrap that are recycled to recover pure titanium are given in the table below –

Mixed Titanium SolidsIt consists of clean sorted titanium solid scrap.
Titanium TurningsIn includes clean sorted titanium grindings or turnings.
Titanium SworfIt comprises of assorted sworf and titanium residues.
RUTILE ScrapsThis grade of titanium scrap consists of iron oxide materials.
Titanium Sponge / ResiduesIt consists of assorted titanium in a sponge form.
Other Titanium ScrapThis grade consists of all other titanium scraps that are not given in this list.
Advantagescorrosion resistance, energy saving
MaterialTitanium copper
Titanium layer0.8mm-3mm
Technologymetallurgical bonding by rolled
ShapeSquare, Round requirement


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